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      Jiangsu Yangtze River

      Tianyue New Materials Co., Ltd.





      AcetoAcet-O-Toluilide (AAOT)

      English name AcetoAcet-O-Toluilide (AAOT)
      Molecular formula C11H13O2N
      Structural formula
      Molecular weight 191.23
      Specification Purity: ≥99%
      Melting point: ≥102 ℃
      Appearance: white powder crystal
      Volatile: ≤0.4%
      Alkali insoluble matter: ≤0.1%
      Usage Used as intermediate for dyestuff, organic pigments and pesticides. Used for synthesizing organic yellow dyes.
      Package Polypropylene bag or complex bag lined with plastic bag.
      Net Weight: 25kg
      Storage & Transportation Keep it in dry and cool place and from sunshine. Transport it like ordinary chemicals.

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      Postal code: 225509 Foreign trade department: +86-523-82778043, 82778098
      Tel: +86-523-88641062, 88645850 Fax: +86-523-88642070
      Legal Representative: Chen A'ming URL: www.originalfoodco.com
      E-mail: sales@yzjchem.com, cam@yzjchem.com, zlq@yzjchem.com

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